Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cabbage Kofta Curry


For Koftas
1/2 medium size Cabbage Shredded
2 tbsp Besan or all Purpose flour
Oil for frying

For Gravy
1 medium sized onion
a Piece of ginger
1 Cardamon
1 cinanamon stick small
1 clove
1 spoon jeera
1 spoon dania
2 medium sizes Tomatoes


1.Take the shredded Cabbage in a bowl, add flour & make small round
balls with the same.
2.Deep fry the balls in the hot oil & keep aside
3.In a seperate pan heat 1 tsp of oil & add bay leaves & the paste, salt
according to taste & little bit of sugar.
4.Let the paste cook till the oil seperates.
5.Can add little water if the paste is too thick.
6.Switch off the flame add the Kofta's & Cover till Serving.
7.Before serving garnish with fresh coriader leaves.

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